San Diego Solar Panel Cleaning

In addition to washing windows, Lottery Window Cleaning is pleased to offer San Diego Solar Panel Cleaning Services. Many San Diego homes are fitted with rooftop solar panels. Because rooftop solar panels have no moving parts, very little is needed to maintain the photovoltaic system. However, one thing that would help you maximize efficiency is to clean your solar panels.

With time, solar panel systems get dirty. Most of the dirt is dust and pollen, but there can also be bird droppings, leaves, and other debris. A dusty and dirty solar panel system will be less efficient in generating electricity and this may cost you money if you need to buy more electricity from a provider.

san diego solar panel cleaning

Studies by Googe (in Mountain View, CA) show that rain is not effective in “cleaning” flat solar panels. For tilted panels, rain does a pretty good job in rinsing the panels clean. However, in San Diego, it doesn’t rain very often and you may be losing money every day while you wait for the rain to wash your panels for you. Similarly, if you live next to a highway where there is a lot of dust from the traffic, cleaning your solar panels may increase your rate of conversion.

When thinking about San Diego solar panel cleaning, keep in mind these potential dangers:

  • Check with your manufacturer regarding shutting off the PV system prior to cleaning.
  • Most solar panels are installed on the roof thus care must be taken so you don’t fall off the roof while you clean the solar panels.
  • Solar panels get quite hot during the day. Cold water on hot glass will cause the glass to shatter. Best to clean your panels early in the morning or in the evening when it is less hot.
  • Don’t use abrasive materials to clean your solar panels. Use a soft cloth or a soft squeegee. and hardware stores sell solar panel washing kits with extensions to attach to your squeegee handle.

If this all sounds too complicated or risky, call a professional. The crew at Lottery Window Cleaning are pros at cleaning windows and solar panels. Let them clean your solar panels and bring them back to maximum efficacy. Contact Lottery Window Cleaning by email or call for an appointment: (858) 461-8181

san diego solar panel cleaning