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Beautiful Clean Windows Make Everyone Happy

Lottery Window Cleaning happily provides premium window cleaning services in Carmel Valley, Del Mar, La Jolla, Rancho Sante Fe, and our entire beautiful region north of San Diego.

Window Cleaning has such a remarkable effect on everyone. Over and over customers say out-loud how beautiful their windows look. That is the magic that drives us at Lottery Window Cleaning. We call it  a dedication to giving you "Window Happiness."

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Your Window Happiness Guarantee

We guarantee that your window cleaning will exceed your expectations. If for any reason it doesn't, call us back within 48 hours and we'll redo it! No questions asked.

The Ultimate Window Cleaning Experience

Lottery Window Cleaning has a process by which we consistently provide "Window Happiness". When you call Lottery Window Cleaning, you'll receive the following:

Skilled technician with a true eye for detail
Willingness to apply elbow grease
Drop cloths used inside your home
Chemical free and scent free cleaning solutions
Your window frames wiped clean
Your window tracks cleaned and vacuumed (if required)
Even your window screens will be thoroughly cleaned

Call us today and allow us to make your windows shine brilliantly in our California sun.

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Your Rainy Day Guarantee

With your residential window cleaning you're protected for up to 3 days following your service! If it rains in the days following your window cleaning service, and you call in that time period, we will return and touch up your affected windows for FREE!

Your Peace of Mind

Your home and business are fully protected. We’re happy to provide $2 million in public liability coverage to protect your home & property.

Beautiful Clean Windows Make Everyone Happy

Call to schedule your window cleaning and ask about our $25 off coupon. For first time customers of Lottery Window Cleaning get a free and no risk bid. Call now, we look forward to providing you with "Window Happiness".

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