Blake Canedy, founder of Lottery Window Cleaning, enjoys the window cleaning business because he likes seeing people happy.  People who love their homes love clean and shiny windows.  He calls that “Happy Windows.”

Blake’s father was a pilot in the United States Air Force, which provided Blake the unique opportunity to grow up on military bases in Europe and Asia.  When coming home to America Blake picked San Diego since that is where his father was raised.

While in college, Blake began his window cleaning business which he owned and operated for 5 years.  Blake later founded Canedy & Canedy, a court reporting firm.  Additionally, he started a language translation company, plus a Karate dojo.  However, Blake missed the happiness his services provided his window cleaning clients.  He decided to enjoy a happier business life in window cleaning.  Today he and the Lottery team bring their services and smiles to you and your home.