The Window Cleaning “Toothbrush”

We’re seeing all businesses utilizing improved technology, including window cleaning. Upon evaluation of your windows, we may discover we can use this technology on your windows. The major window manufacturers consider this method a superior way to clean your windows and window frames.

So, how does it work?

It begins with Lottery bringing a portable water purification device which produces what scientists call “hungry water.”  In simple terms: it produces spot-free water.

From Lottery’s water-processing machinery tubing, the water travels to a specially designed brush. This brush scrubs the windows and frames while at the same time this water is grabbing the dirt and rinsing it away.

An added benefit is that your Lottery tech can often stand on the ground using a carbon fiber pole, keeping us on the ground and alleviating the need for ladders against your home. In the hands of a Lottery tech the results leave clean, shiny, polished and HAPPY frames and windows!