Gutter Cleaning & Gutter Guards

It’s not worth a trip to the Emergency Room!

Gutter cleaning is not a pleasant job … it’s messy, but necessary. Unfortunately, there are 175,000 visits to the ER every year by homeowners climbing up on roofs and ladders.  For safety’s sake – leave this to the experts!

Why gutter guards?  While we live in an arid environment, if your home   happens to be near, or under, trees you may accumulate lots of leaves and needles.  In open, unprotected gutters this debris can cause serious clogging.  Clogged gutters cause water to drain back toward your house, and may create unnecessary wood rot and moisture problems.  Result: many thousands of dollars of expensive construction repairs.

Here’s what you need to know: Lottery will provide and install gutter guards with a true life-time warranty that are less than half the price of a gutter guard system you may have seen on TV.  Lottery’s gutter guards require no drilling or manipulation of your home’s gutters and won’t void any warranty on your existing gutters.

Give us a call.  We will come out and provide a demonstration.  You can decide if you think like we do: this is a more economical solution to safeguard your gutters and home.